Therapeutic Massage and Asian Bodywork

Holistic BodyWorking incorporates Western massage technique with Asian bodywork therapies to benefit the body, mind and spirit. With a wide range of techniques to draw from, I can provide a customized treatment suitable for nearly anyone, in any state of health or imbalance.

A Holistic BodyWorking session can be beneficial for a wide range of conditions, such as muscular tension, tight joints, arthritis, headaches, old injuries, surgical scarring, neck pain, back pain, anxiety, asthma, menstrual pain, constipation, and any stress-related health problems.

In addition, Holistic BodyWorking connects the body as a whole, and can help you establish a healthy and healing relationship with your body. In Holistic BodyWorking, healing touch communicates unconditional acceptance of the body exactly as it is, and helps the body experience a more balanced and comfortable state. This is especially beneficial for people who struggle with their bodies due to chronic pain, disability, body image, gender identity, weight, aging, or serious illness.